What can dance & C-Unit do for you?

Physical Health

Dancing regularly improves overall well-being, mobility, strength, coordination, endurance, posture, and flexibility. Since dance targets every part of the body - children can stay healthy while having fun in high-energy classes!


Our goal is to provide an environment where every dancer can be fully themselves, and be confident in presenting themselves. Through various genres of dance, teaching styles, as well as performing opportunities - most initially-shy dancers soon walk in with a newly found self-confidence!

Mental Health

Like all physical activity - dancing triggers endorphins, which leads to improved mood and lower stress levels. However, dance ALSO improves memory and concentration functions because of the skill required in learning routines. Being an art form, it provides an unparalleled self-expression outlet that blends physical demands with story-telling and creativity.


Dance requires great persistence. Dancers at C-Unit discover the importance of self-discipline; they find out how to set goals and work hard to achieve them; they learn how to manage their time and be prepared. We are proud to say that beyond dance, most of our dancers see the effects of our program in their other day-to-day activities!

Our Facility

We are conveniently located right off River Road next to Whole Foods. Check out our brand new facilities below!