Company Tracks

The Company

The Company is C-Unit’s second most advanced level competitive team. If you wish to still have the performance aspect and the camaraderie of being on a team, and want to train in all styles of dance but aren’t ready to commit to the time required of THE MOVEMENT – The Company may be right for you! The company is based on audition only.

The Company is broken up into two groups, and from there each dancer is placed on an individual track of AP classes based on evaluation in each style. The company competes with THE MOVEMENT in a maximum of 4 group competition routines (the company is not eligible for specialty dances or solos).

The Requirements/Hours:

Company I (ages 12 and under): ~7-8 hours per week of training + 1-4 hours of rehearsal each weekend

Company II (ages 13+): ~9 hours per week of training + 1-4 hours of rehearsal each weekend


  • 4-5 mandatory conventions/competitions per year, 2 optional conventions, masterclasses throughout the year



Interested in auditioning or learning more?

Auditions for the 2024-2025 season are open. If you are interested, please email to set up your audition.

Other Opportunities
If your dancer is interested in pursuing hip-hop further, and wishes to be part of a performing team -check out our Hip-Hop Team Program!

If your dancer is not interested in being part of a competitive team, but wishes to focus on technical training – check out our AP Program!

If your dancer is serious about their technical training and wishes to supplement their Company or Movement curriculum – check out our Early Release Program!

If your dancer is still too young to be on the company, but has taken an interest in dance through our pre-school program – check out our new Pre-AP Program. This allows our tiniest dancers to explore dance further through high energy classes each week in an extra-personalized environment!