Our mission is to provide dancers that demonstrate exceptional motivation and skill with the right tools to succeed in all aspects of dance and beyond, while focusing on a strong technical foundation. We pride ourselves on nurturing young artists through a well-rounded curriculum. Dancers in this program learn discipline, goal-setting, time-management, confidence, team-work, and leadership – all while pushing their physical, mental, and creative limits. Many of the members are on a pre-professional track or looking to pursue dance in college and beyond. We are also very proud of our many alumni who have applied their training and experiences in countless other careers!


The company is divided into five groups. Groups may be combined for classes/routines, and ages may vary. Age requirements are meant as a guideline; factors such as ability, height, and years of experience are also used to determine a dancer’s placement.​

1.) Munchkins: age 5-7 (usually competes in 0-1 dances; this program is meant to prepare dancers for the company, and focuses on basic technique, terminology, and picking up choreography in a highly individualized environment)

2.) Pee Wees: age 8-10

3.) Juniors: age 11-12

4.) Teens: age 13-14

5.) Seniors: age 15 & Up

Interested in auditioning or learning more?

Auditions for the 2019-2020 season are March 16th & 17th. If you are interested, please go to our Events page to register for the audition..

Other Opportunities
If you are interested in a smaller commitment that offers dancers performance opportunities while allowing more time to pursue other activities – check out our Hip-Hop Team Program!

If your dancer is still too young to be on the company, but has taken an interest in dance through our pre-school program – check out our new Bridge Program. This allows our tiniest dancers to explore dance further through high energy classes each week in an extra-personalized environment!