• Girls: pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes, and proper leotard from Cinnamon Tree Dance Shop.
  • Use promo code CU10 at checkout
  • Leotard Colors: (Non AP & Pre AP 1-AP 4/5 must be purchased from Cinnamon Tree Dance Shop to ensure the correct brand & style).

-Pre Ap: Coming Soon

– Ap 1: Coming Soon

– Ap 2: Coming Soon

– Ap 3/4 Coming Soon

-AP 4/5- Coming Soon

– Non-AP Classes: Coming Soon

  • Girls’ hair must be in a classic bun, secured tightly with a bun maker, bobby pins, hairnet and hairspray. Any bangs should be pinned up, and hair should be free of flyaways. A tight bun is particularly important for turning, and hair/pins that are loose are disruptive to the learning process.
  • Boys: Black tights or form-fitting shorts, fitted white T-Shirt tucked in, black ballet shoes. Hair should be neatly combed back and secured.
  • Absolutely no jewelry allowed in class.
  • No extra clothing (sweatshirts, warm ups, shorts, skirts etc) may be worn inside the ballet room. Please walk into the room in your uniform only.


  • Form-fitting clothing only. Acceptable attire is: leggings, jazz shorts, leotard, sports bra, or form-fitting top.
  • Dancers will dance barefoot – jazz shoes are not required.
  • Hair must be pulled back securely and tightly away from the face. Dancers should not have to fix their hair in the middle of class, and secure hair is important for turning and any acrobatics.
  • If dancer is attending one of these classes after ballet – please do not change out of the ballet clothes. They may put shorts or leggings on over their leotard and if wearing convertible tights – dancers should pull them up over their feet.
  • Absolutely no jewelry allowed in class.
  • The dancer should come into the room ready to dance without any extra items of clothing on. During colder months and under the discretion of each teacher – dancers may be allowed to wear warm-up clothing for the beginning of class only.

Hip-Hop & Tap

  • Dancers can feel free to express themselves! Comfortable clothing is necessary. Acceptable attire is: leggings, sweatpants, shorts, t-shirt, tank top.
  • For hip-hop, please wear sneakers that are not worn outside. If the young dancer is not yet able to tie their shoes, we encourage them to wear sneakers without laces.
  • For tap, Cinnamon Tree Dance Shop will be able to direct you towards the proper tap shoes.
  • No jeans, skirts, dresses, or jazz sneakers please!

Uniforms and Dance Necessities

305 Spring St
Herndon, Virginia 20170
(703) 435-3255

Cinnamon Tree Dance Shop is our partner for all of your dance needs. For ballet uniforms, you can call or visit them and mention your class at C-Unit. They will direct you towards the correct uniform/leotard color for that class. They can also help you with purchasing the correct tights, ballet shoes, tap shoes, etc.



  • C-Unit is a year-long program (September-May) with tuition payments broken up into two payments. The first one is due upon registration, and the second one is due December 1st.
  • If registering for one class only, full tuition (both payments) are due with registration. When registering using the parent portal, once you have enrolled in one class and paid the first tuition payment – the second payment will be charged using the card on file.
  • When registering for jazz or contemporary, you must be registered for at least one ballet class that same year. Proper ballet fundamentals are required in order to be able to understand the steps in jazz and contemporary.
  • If you are new and would like to try a class – we offer private lessons in a style of choice so your child can get a sense of C-Unit and our teachers before fall classes begin!
  • There are no refunds, transfers to other dancers, or pro-rating classes or camps.

Drop Off/Pickup/Parking​

  • There is parking in front of the building and on the street. Please do not park in staff spots.
  • The parent is responsible for delivering the child to the studio and picking her/him up in a timely manner and the studio is not responsible for a child that leaves the premises. ​

Class Rules

  • No gum, food, or cell phones will be permitted inside the studios.
  • No street shoes can be worn inside the studios. Please pack separate sneakers to put on for hip-hop once inside the studio. Please don’t wear ballet shoes on the street.
  • Unless other directions are given by the teacher, dancers will not be dismissed for a water break in the middle of class. Dancers should pack a water bottle with their name on it to bring inside the studio, and it can be re-filled at our cooler before, after, or in-between classes.


  • If a dancer will be late or absent, the studio should be notified ahead of time. After an absence, dancers can make up a class in a similar age/level or with a private lesson (fees apply). Please contact us to let us know if your dancer will be making up a class.
  • After January, dancers begin working on recital dances in their classes; if dancers must miss in the months leading up to recital – we highly recommend scheduling a private lesson to catch up on missed material.

Lost Items​

  • We are not responsible for items left in the studio or lounge. Please make sure every clothing item and shoe is labeled with the child’s name. We highly suggest not sending dancers with any expensive jewelry or items that may be lost.
  • Please call the front desk if you think your dancer has lost or left something at the studio.


  • Though our staff is highly trained to create a safe environment, as with all physical activities – there is inherent risk of injury with dance. We operate under the assumption that the child is physically able to safely participate in the activities they are signed up for. C-Unit Studio will not be held liable for any injury, property damage, and loss associated with such risks.

Promotional Use

  • We regularly photograph and record our dancers/classes for promotional and/or social media use. All such photographs/video recordings are property of C-Unit Studio and may be used for promotional purposes.